Weed Hook up in Nantes, France

Weed Hook up in Nantes

Nantes, situated in western France, is among the country’s major cities, boasting numerous museums and cultural delights. Simply strolling through the city is an enjoyable experience in itself. For foreigners, obtaining cannabis in Nantes can be challenging, but it is not entirely impossible. With sufficient effort and determination, it is possible to find cannabis in the city. This guide will provide you with more information about how to hook-up with weed in Nantes.

Cannabis laws in France

Estimates on cannabis usage in France may vary, with rankings suggesting it’s second, first, or fourth in Europe. Regardless of the exact position, hook-up with weed remains prevalent in the country. While the regulations were once stringent, they have notably improved in recent times. Carrying a small amount of marijuana is no longer as concerning. If caught with a few grams, the maximum penalty is now a 200 euro fine, a significant improvement from the possibility of arrest under the previous laws. The more lenient approach reflects a positive shift in France’s stance towards marijuana possession.

In reality, the French police have more pressing matters to attend to and generally show little concern about people consuming marijuana.

Getting weed in Nantes

In the vast city of Nantes, hook-up with weed may pose some challenges, especially for foreigners. However, it is not entirely impossible. Near the train station or along the river bank, you might encounter cannabis or hash dealers, often identified as African or Arab men. Finding them, though, is unpredictable and not guaranteed. It’s essential to be cautious as some of these merchants might take advantage of the situation. Alternatively, you can try befriending young French locals and ask them for assistance since many of them are marijuana users. They might be more willing to help you out. On average, expect to pay around 10 euros per gram of marijuana. Remember to approach any such activities with care and consideration for local laws and customs.

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