Weed Hook up in Palawan, Philippines

Weed Hook up in Palawan

Palawan, officially designated as the Province of Palawan, stands as an archipelagic province within the Philippines, situated in the Mimaropa region. It proudly boasts the title of being the largest province in the nation, spanning a vast total area of 14,649.73 square kilometers. The provincial capital is Puerto Princesa, and Palawan is renowned as the “Philippines’ Last Frontier” and celebrated as the nation’s top island destination.

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Cannabis Laws in Philippines- Cannabis in Palawan

The Philippines gained a reputation for having some of the world’s most stringent drug regulations during the controversial presidency of Rodrigo Duterte. The use and possession of cannabis are strictly prohibited under Filipino law, and individuals caught violating these laws face severe consequences. Read on more from Friendlystoners how to hook up with weed in Palawan.

If someone is found in possession of 500 grams or more of marijuana or 10 grams or more of hashish, the penalties are as follows:

  • They could face the possibility of a death sentence or life imprisonment.
  • They may be subject to fines ranging from 50,000 to 10,000,000 pesos.

In summary, being caught with marijuana in Palawan, or anywhere in the Philippines, carries extremely high risks, including the potential for life imprisonment or even the death penalty. Please note that drug laws can change over time, so it’s essential to stay updated on current regulations.

How and Where to buy weed in Palawan

When seeking cannabis in Palawan, your best approach is to explore areas around popular tourist resorts, where some individuals may be open to marijuana use. For instance, the Palawan Waterpark along Puerto Princesa North Road Kilometer 62 can be a starting point. Additionally, building connections with local residents is a more effective way to access cannabis in Palawan. Many locals have connections to individuals who use marijuana in Palawan. It’s crucial to be discreet and cautious when hook up with weed in public.

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