Weed Hook up in Quezon City, Philippines

Weed Hook up in Quezon City

Some tips and ides to hook up with weed in Quezon City.

If you’re interested in learning about marijuana in Quezon City, which is situated on the Guadalupe Plateau in the northeastern part of Manila, Philippines, you’ve come to the right place. Quezon City boasts beautiful gardens featuring playgrounds, fountains, and the World Peace Bell monument. Additionally, the Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife Center, known for its zoo and botanical garden, offers visitors the opportunity to observe a lagoon, crocodiles, and peacocks.

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Cannabis Laws in Philippines

The Philippines, during President Rodrigo Duterte’s tenure, gained a reputation for having some of the strictest drug regulations globally. In accordance with Filipino law, both the use and possession of cannabis are strictly prohibited, and individuals caught violating these laws can expect severe consequences.

Possessing 500 grams or more of marijuana or 10 grams or more of hashish may lead to:

  • The possibility of facing a death sentence or life imprisonment.
  • Fines ranging from 50,000 to 10,000,000 pesos.

In summary, it is evident that when caught with marijuana in your possession, the penalties you may encounter are exceptionally severe, including the potential for a death sentence.

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Where and How to get weed in Quezon City

As a popular tourist destination for hiking, trekking, and various outdoor activities, Sagada, Philippines, has become a haven for marijuana enthusiasts. It’s often compared to Amsterdam due to the presence of coffee shops, and the local population is generally tolerant and even supportive of cannabis use. In fact, when you arrive in Sagada, it’s not uncommon for locals to offer you sensi, pollen, hash, or charas as you disembark from the bus. Hash and pollen are particularly well-known in Sagada. Explorer more ideas from Friendlystoners how to hook up with weed in Quezon City.

If you choose to indulge, it’s advisable to do so discreetly, like in your hotel room or, even better, while trekking in the mountains. Authorities are less likely to interfere unless you’re using cannabis in close proximity to a police station. Sagada is approximately a 14-hour journey from Manila. To reach it, you’ll first take a bus to Baguio and then transfer to another one bound for Sagada. While the bus ride can be challenging, the destination is rewarding. The local residents in Sagada are proficient in English and can assist you in finding cannabis if you’re interested.

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