Weed Hook up in Potsdam, Germany

Weed Hook up in Potsdam:

Potsdam, located on the border of Berlin, Germany, boasts Sanssouci Palace, once the summer residence of Frederick the Great, the former King of Prussia. The complex includes the Renaissance Orangery Palace, offering Italian-style garden vistas with fountains. Enjoy city views from the Historic Mill and explore the neoclassical Charlottenhof Palace, enveloped by English gardens. Additionally, the 19th-century Roman Baths showcase diverse architectural styles.
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Cannabis Laws in Germany

In Potsdam, as in all German cities, hook up with weed is legal for specific medical purposes but remains illegal for recreational use. Possession of small quantities may not always lead to prosecution. By 2022, around 4 million German adults were estimated to use cannabis.
Following the 2021 German federal election, the coalition announced their intention to legalize recreational cannabis through the coalition agreement, although specific legislation for this purpose has not been introduced yet.
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How to buy weed in Potsdam

Important to note, hook up with weed is still illegal in Germany. In Potsdam, a hotspot for buying is the park, often recommended by locals. Approach cautiously and inquire among the diverse crowd, but avoid going with more than two people.

Alternatively, I suggest asking students. Potsdam is a thriving student city with a significant student community, making it easy to find weed. Look for students who appear like stoners; they’ll likely guide you. Also, making friends with students or local kids is highly recommended as they can help you connect with marijuana in Potsdam.

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