Weed Hook up in Zakynthos, Greece

Find Weed Hook up in Zakynthos:

If you’re considering traveling to Greece and wondering “Where and How to hook up with weed in Zakynthos?” . Keep reading to find out my opinion of Zakynthos as a desirable destination.
Greek island Zante or Zakynthos is lies in the Ionian Sea. Of the Ionian Islands, it is the third largest. The Ionian Islands region’s sole municipality and autonomous regional entity is Zakynthos. Hence the name is pre-Mycenaean or Pelasgian in origin, as are all names ending in -nthos that are comparable to it. The island was thought to have been called after Zakynthos in Greek mythology.
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Cannabis Laws in Greece

Is weed hook up legal in Zakynthos. Greece forbids the recreational use of marijuana. The Greek government decriminalized the cultivation and production of cannabis in 2018 after legalizing its use for medical purposes in 2017. This permits suppliers of industrial hemp as well as pharmaceutical businesses to legally cultivate cannabis.
Greek drug laws have loosened up, and the minimum term for marijuana possession is now only five months.

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Where and How to buy weed in Zakynthos

Remember weed is illegal in Greece and can obviously lead you into trouble one way or the other.
The famous way to hook up with weed in Zakynthos, is by trying your luck by asking random beach dude that looks like a stoner, if they’ve got weed on them. However they might try to inflate the price if they think you’re clueless when it comes to pricing.
Eur10/gram would be a great price for weed in Zakynthos but it can sometimes go as high as Eur20/gram, depending on the grade.

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