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Naples, the regional capital of Campania, stands as Italy’s third-largest city, following Rome and Milan. Its population within the city’s administrative limits reached 909,048 as of 2022.
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Cannabis Laws in Italy

Is cannabis hook up legal in Naples. In Italy, hook up with weed is strictly legal only for medical purposes, but it has been decriminalized. However this creates a gray area as governments and local municipalities avoid the expenses of prosecuting and imprisoning minor drug users. However, they refrain from granting full legalization to drug use, aiming to maintain some control over the matter.
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How and where to get weed in Naples

If you are someone who occasionally enjoys recreational weed, you might have an understanding of Italy’s cannabis laws. In this article, we will guide you on how to hook up with cannabis in Naples, providing all the essential tips to ensure legal compliance during your trip. Find more information and tips in the comment section below.
Hook up with cannabis in Naples is not difficult. However, if you don’t have any connections, finding good weed might be challenging. Nevertheless, you can explore some places to try your luck.

Piazza Bellini and Piazzetta Orientale are prime spots in the city center for smoking in public. It’s the top location for public smoking, where you’ll likely see many young people indulging. Don’t hesitate to ask them, as there are numerous students around, making communication easy. Seek out the right stoners, and they might hook you up with some excellent quality cannabis in Naples.

Piazza Garibaldi, near the central train station, isn’t the best place to hook up with weed in Naples. There are people from diverse backgrounds hanging around; approach them and inquire. Exercise caution, as it’s not a safe area, particularly at night. Keep your valuables safe, only bringing your phone and necessary cash. Don’t pay unless they already have weed or hash in their hands, as some may take the money and vanish.

While police shouldn’t be a major problem, however exercise caution when seeking cannabis or hash in Naples, as it’s still illegal. Despite Naples having a somewhat anarchic atmosphere, cops can be a nuisance. I hope these tips are sufficient for you to enjoy your stay!

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