Weed Hook up in Acapulco, Mexico

Weed Hook up in Acapulco

Nestled along Mexico’s Pacific coast, Acapulco boasts the nation’s largest beach and is a historic resort destination that attracts millions of visitors annually. While enjoying this beautiful bay, you might also consider indulging in cannabis to enhance your vacation experience. It’s important to note that marijuana is officially prohibited in Mexico; however, the enforcement of these regulations is typically lax, particularly in tourist hotspots. So, hook up with weed during your visit should prove relatively easy.

Read on from Friendlystoners for a detailed guide on navigating cannabis in Acapulco.

Cannabis laws in Mexico

Mexico has grappled with significant drug-related concerns, prompting recent efforts towards more permissive legislation, including the potential legalization of cannabis. Such a change is anticipated to bring economic benefits and contribute to the ongoing battle against criminal cartels. However, at present, marijuana remains under prohibition. The possession of small quantities of cannabis for personal use has been decriminalized, resulting in, at most, a recommendation to consider enrollment in a recovery program, which is not compulsory. Quantities under 5 grams of marijuana are categorized as minor. Explorer more tips from Friendlystoners how to hook up with weed in Mexico.

While the risk of legal trouble for carrying a small quantity of marijuana is relatively low, it remains prudent to exercise caution.

Finding weed in Acapulco

While marijuana remains illegal, it is readily accessible, especially in popular tourist destinations like Acapulco. When strolling down the main street, you are likely to encounter solicitations to purchase marijuana. Alternatively, inquire with individuals employed in stores that offer smoking paraphernalia; they are often able to assist you. It is strongly recommended to steer clear of dealers, and it’s essential to inspect the quality of the product before making a purchase. Generally, anticipate spending around $5 to $6 per gram.

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