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Como is a captivating city and commune located in Lombardy, Italy. As the administrative capital of the Province of Como, it boasts a remarkable blend of natural beauty and cultural treasures. Positioned near the enchanting Lake Como and surrounded by the majestic Alps, Como has evolved into a sought-after tourist destination. Hence making hook up with weed in Como an interesting thing to do. Visitors can explore a wealth of artistic wonders, churches, gardens, museums, theaters, parks, and palaces. Among its notable landmarks are the awe-inspiring Duo mo, serving as the seat of the Diocese of Como, the elegant Basilica of Sant’Abbondio, the splendid Villa Olmo, the delightful public gardens featuring the Tempio Voltiano, the historic Teatro Sociale, the medieval town hall known as Broletto, and the 20th-century Casa del Fascio.
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Cannabis laws in Italy

Is weed legal in Como. Italy’s cannabis regulations are notably lenient. While hook up with weed remains prohibited in Como, possession of small amounts is decriminalized, reducing the likelihood of imprisonment. If caught with a few grams, you may face a fine and the seizure of your belongings. However, in reality, authorities often issue warnings instead of penalties. Rome tends to be more liberal, but it’s crucial to show respect and avoid smoking in public spaces like the Coliseum. By being discreet and cooperative with law enforcement, you can likely evade fines. Nonetheless, being aware of local laws is essential for a hassle-free experience.

How and Where to get weed in Como

In Como, due to the significant influx of tourists and a strong police presence, hook-up with weed can pose a challenge. However, it’s worth noting that hashish is commonly available, often distributed by Moroccan dealers. The pricing and quality of the hash or cannabis may differ, but generally, it tends to be reasonably priced. For high-grade cannabis, you can expect to pay around 10 euros per gram, while hash offers a more affordable option. Remember to carefully inspect the quality of the product before making a purchase.

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