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Lombardy, situated in the northern-central part of Italy, is one of the country’s twenty administrative regions. Covering an area of 23,844 km2, it is home to a population of approximately 10 million people, making up more than one-sixth of Italy’s total population. Remarkably, Lombardy contributes to over a fifth of the Italian gross domestic product, showcasing its significant economic importance in the nation.
The metropolitan area of Milan stands as the largest in Italy and ranks among the largest in the European Union. Lombardy, the region it belongs to, boasts an impressive eleven out of fifty-eight UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Italy. Throughout history, Lombardy has been the birthplace of numerous notable figures, including Virgil, Pliny the Elder, Ambrose, Gerolamo Cardano, Caravaggio, Claudio Monteverdi, Antonio Stradivari, Cesare Beccaria, Alessandro Volta, Alessandro Manzoni, and even popes John XXIII and Paul VI. Friendly Stoners provide cannabis laws and how to hook up with weed in Lombardy. Continue reading to know more.

Cannabis laws in Italy

Is weed legal in Lombardy. Italy’s cannabis regulations are relatively loose, which might not come as a surprise. While weed remains illegal, possessing small quantities is decriminalized, reducing the likelihood of imprisonment. Hence making it much easier to hook up with weed while in Lombardy. If found with a few grams, you could face a fine and have your possessions confiscated. However, in practice, authorities might simply issue a warning. Some regions comparatively are more tolerant than the Northern region, but it’s essential to show respect and avoid smoking in public places like the Coliseum. By being discreet and cooperative with law enforcement, you can increase your chances of evading the fine.

How and Where to get weed in Lombardy

In Italy, due to the significant presence of tourists and law enforcement, hook up with weed in Lombardy can be challenging. However, hashish is commonly available and is often sold by Moroccan dealers. The quality of the hash or weed can differ, but generally, it is affordable. Top-quality products might cost around 10 euros per gram, with hash being the more affordable option. It’s crucial to inspect the weed quality thoroughly before making a purchase.

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