Weed Hook up in Quito, Ecuador

Weed Hook up in Quito

This comprehensive guide is here to provide you with all the essential information about cannabis in Quito, encompassing details on where to purchase it, pricing, and the prevailing legal regulations. Whether you’re a casual user seeking insights, a curious long-term resident, or someone planning a visit to Quito with the intention of indulging in a few joints, we’ve got you covered.

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Cannabis laws in Quito

Regarding marijuana, law enforcement is generally unconcerned, and in many cases, some officers are cannabis users themselves! Nevertheless, it’s important to recognize that this can vary from one officer to another and from person to person. While some officers might be stricter in their approach, others might simply provide a verbal warning. Explorer more information Friendlystoners about hook up with weed in Quito.

If you wish to consume cannabis in public, it’s typically tolerated as long as you do so discreetly, avoiding crowded areas and the presence of law enforcement. In certain situations, law enforcement may confiscate your marijuana (and, in some cases, partake in it themselves).

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Where to get weed in Quito

In Quito, exploring the city is the most convenient way to hook up with weed. You’ll likely encounter numerous smokers and sellers in parks and on the streets. Approaching someone who’s smoking and inquiring is a straightforward option. Additionally, you may encounter individuals who appear somewhat suspicious. If you make eye contact with them, they typically approach you.

However, it’s essential to exercise caution. As a tourist, you might encounter offers of low-quality cannabis at exorbitant prices, sometimes as high as $15 or more. The quality of this weed is subpar and often not worth the expense, but there’s a chance you may stumble upon a dealer who offers high-quality marijuana.

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