Weed Hook up in St Lucia, Caribbean

Weed Hook up in St Lucia

Explore the Top Cannabis-Friendly Destinations ideas from the best weed guide Friendlystoners . Saint Lucia, a stunning Caribbean island renowned for its picturesque beaches and perfect climate, beckons travelers. The peak season, spanning from January to April, sees a surge in visitors to this tropical haven. While marijuana remains officially prohibited on the island, the likelihood of acquiring it in St. Lucia is relatively high. Delve into our comprehensive guide to uncover more about the cannabis scene in Saint Lucia.

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Cannabis laws in St. Lucia

In 2019, the Prime Minister of Saint Lucia expressed a desire to decriminalize marijuana, although this change has yet to materialize, it does reflect a growing acceptance of the drug. However, it’s important to note that marijuana remains illegal on the island, and individuals caught smoking it could face severe consequences. In the case of tourists apprehended, it’s not uncommon for them to resolve the situation with a bribe to the arresting police officers. If you choose not to bribe the authorities, you might be required to pay a fine, or in more extreme cases, face incarceration. Typically, having only a small quantity of marijuana on your person should not raise significant concerns. You can get more ideas how to hook up with weed in St. Lucia from Friendlystoners.

While it’s true that marijuana use is prevalent, it’s crucial to recognize that smoking is still prohibited on the island. When it comes to indulging in cannabis, it’s advisable to maintain a low profile, exercise caution, and remain vigilant for the presence of law enforcement. Beyond that, employing common sense should help you stay out of trouble.

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Finding cannabis in St. Lucia

While exploring the island, especially if you’re a male tourist, you’ll likely encounter offers to purchase marijuana, making it quite accessible in St. Lucia. It’s a common occurrence to be approached with opportunities to buy weed when strolling along the beach, in the more touristy areas, and even at clubs. In some instances, there have been reports of tourists being invited to purchase marijuana at their hotels. For more details how to hook up with weed you can visit Friendlystoners.

Tourist prices can vary but generally remain affordable, typically less than a dollar per gram, with many dealers offering quarter ounces. Engaging in a bit of bargaining is often the norm, and with some negotiation, you can usually secure a price reduction of around 20-30%. The quality of the marijuana may not be top-tier, as it’s typically grown outdoors, but given the price point, it’s hard to complain. For more details, refer to the guide list.

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