Weed Hook up in Caserta, Italy

Weed Hook up in Caserta:

Caserta is a prominent city in southern Italy, serving as the capital of the Caserta province within the Campania region. It holds significant importance as an agricultural, commercial, and industrial hub. Nestled at the edge of the Campanian plain, it rests beneath the Campanian Subapennine mountain range. Caserta is renowned for its most notable landmark, the Royal Palace of Caserta.

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Cannabis laws in Italy

Hook up with weed in Italy is prohibited, possession of tiny amounts is decriminalized, reducing the likelihood of imprisonment. If caught with a few grams, you may face a fine and the confiscation of your belongings. However, in practice, you might receive only a warning. Rome tends to be more liberal than the southern regions, but it’s crucial to show respect and refrain from smoking in public places like the Coliseum. By being discreet and cooperative with authorities, you can likely avoid paying any fines.

Where to get weed in Caserta

Due to the significant number of tourists and police presence in Italy, hook up with weed can be challenging. Dealers, often Moroccan men, commonly sell hash there. The quality of the hash or cannabis you come across may vary, but it is typically inexpensive. For premium quality, expect to pay around 10 euros per gram, with hash being the most affordable option. Always inspect the cannabis quality before making a purchase.

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